We do investment technology.


QuantApp is a cloud-based platform designed to structure portfolios and design the rules to manage them.

AQI Labs

The R&D division of AQI is constantly innovating both technological and investment solutions ensuring our clients always have access to state-of-the-art IP.


Our group's background ranges from numerical research in academia to quantitative trading at global investment banks and high-tech software development.

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A simple tool that allows you to express your views within a diligent platform.
It enables you to visualize the historical performance of your ideas and permits you to easily paper trade the strategies prior to live execution. It also manages orders and positions allowing you to focus on investments knowing the number crunching is
diligently taken care of.


Your portfolio’s structure defining rules and risk profiles according to your needs.


Analyse and understand your ideas, paper trade them and calibrate the details prior to live execution.


Generate orders and shadow-book your positions within a stream-lined workflow integrated with your strategies.

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QuantApp Investment Developer

A powerful investment development environment that leverages off Microsoft's .NET technology.
Q is based on F# and allows you to design and understand invesment rules through flexible scripting tools within a compiled environment. Develope in Q and deploy on QuantApp with seamless integration.


Q offers functional programming patterns allowing you to easily structure your logic in a very efficient way.


Build complex rules that are triggered by specific events allowing you to clearly understand your views.


Design investment strategies in modular form allowing you to structure sophisticated multi-strategy programs in clean and diligent patterns.

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